Featuring a built in DAC, headphone amp, remote control and outputting 100wpc into 8 ohms!

This compact integrated amplifier is a very versatile unit that will fit well in many systems for years to come. Extensive amounts of time and engineering have been applied to produce remarkable performance and a noteworthy feature set in a chassis smaller than the average DAC.

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There are many reasons why this mini integrated amplifier is unique. To start with, the volume control in the mINT is a true-resistive ladder which results in linear control, excellent channel matching, and impressive sonic quality. It was no simple task to attain these qualities using the one-turn analog pot on the mINT, so it was necessary to step outside of the box. Rather than passing the signal through the pot, it is only used as a position reference. A soft ramp feature means that when powering the unit on/off or using the mute/un-mute it increases/decreases the volume at a pleasant rate. The mINT has a 12V DC trigger in and out as well as an external mains voltage switch.

Two analog inputs (Auxiliary 1 and 2) are side by side on the rear panel. An alternate function of Aux 2 is HT bypass (Home Theater bypass) and is activated via a push switch on the back. When HT is selected, the trigger in becomes one activation point for the HT mode. Aux Out (preamp output) will work very well to incorporate a powered subwoofer. In addition to the pre-out the mINT has a Fixed out that will typically be used to send a signal to a recording device or feed a signal to a second system. An alternate function of the Fixed out is a Main In feature that can be used with the preamp output to allow the insertion of a digital crossover into the signal path. This feature can be selected by the “Fixed out/Main in” button located on the rear of the unit next to the HT Bypass selector.

Located top and center of the rear panel, you will find three digital inputs powered by an ESS DAC chip for an incredible experience when streaming your digital recordings. The S/PDIF inputs will support 24 bit 192kHz resolution files and the asynchronous USB interface will support 24 bit 96kHz resolution files. Each digital input can be connected to a different source and selected independently via the remote or input select buttons on the front.

A ¼” headphone jack is machined into the left had side of the front panel. When a headphone plug is inserted into the jack it will mute the other outputs (other than the Fixed outputs) regardless of the input selected or volume level. The performance of the built-in headphone amp is nothing short of impressive. Independent power supplies for exceptionally low channel crosstalk, low noise and an abundance of dynamic range make for true hi fidelity headphone experience.

Did you think we were done, Ha!, now the most important part! The final area of focus is the source of on-board amplification, after all it is an integrated amplifier! Utilizing two independent ICEpower™ modules, the mINT is capable of outputting 100wpc into 8 ohms and will drive the majority of speakers on the market with ease.

mini-Integrated Specifications

Compact size!

8″x 8″x 3.5″



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