SV Music Server

Designed for the serious computer audiophile, Ultra sleek minimalist design blends in with any audio system. The SV Music Server is a fan-less high-end digital transport system equipped with the much lauded SOtM USB card for output to any USB equipped DAC.  The music coming from this system is unlike any CAS (computer audio system) you have ever heard!

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SV Music Transport features

  • 1TB of internal storage (2.5” HDD, SSD optional)
  • Fan-less system for noiseless playback
  • Ultra-slim form factor (435x57x391mm)
  • Automatic CD ripping to internal storage
  • Automatic CD information retrieval, Album art/track title (requires an internet connection)
  • Back up your library to any external USB drive
  • System can also be operated in headless mode (no monitor, mouse, keyboard)
  • Wireless playback control through any IOS, Android device or Web browser
  • USB (via SOtM card), Coaxial, Toslink SPDIF and Analog (3.5mm) outputs
  • DC power via supplied power adapter
  • J-River Media Center 17 playback engine (Bit-transparent operation)
  • Windows 7 (Home Premium) Operating System

System requirements:

- Wired internet connection required for continuous lag-free playback

- iPAD, iPhone, Android device for wireless control of playback

System options:

- Configure for Vortexbox (Linux) operation

- Swap the SOtM USB card for an audiophile analog sound card (for systems without a DAC)



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