W4S SX500

The SX series amplifiers offer a huge range of flexibility. With balanced outputs ranging from 125-570 watts in 8 ohms, and 220-1225 watts in 4 ohms! Each amplifier has independent inputs for a balanced or unbalanced connection which are easily selected by the selector switch on the rear of the unit. Our proprietary input stage was designed for optimal performance, and transparency. The mono amplifier offers the ideal in channel to channel isolation, and the ultimate in sonics. The dual, balanced FET input stage offers excellent integration with any source, with maximum openness. Connection of these amps to a tube type source provides outstanding results. When paired with our STP-SE it is a match made in heaven!

“Wyred4Sound has gone to great lengths to earn your business. They are offering near state-of-the-art technology and performance at mid-level prices. By any realistic definition, the STI 1000 is a bargain. The preamp will appeal to those looking for the ‘straight wire with gain’ approach. It will not create warmth but convey it. The line stage alone would probably warrant the price of admission. The amplifier has virtually unlimited power and a high pedigree. If your loudspeakers are relatively sane loads, the sole caveat I have expressed will not apply and it will be happy to display its HighEnd credentials.”

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more refined version of the original mono amplifiers, the 2nd edition SX series amplifiers are born. The greatest advantage of our monos comes from the solid foundation. A moment alone with these amplifiers will quickly show you the quality built in. The 14GA chassis and extra thick aluminum top cover offer a very strong foundation for the robust internals. Several more advantages of the mono amplifiers come from the independent shielding, power supplies, and remarkably less distortion and noise. Our mono amplifiers offer the best signal to noise ratio possible. Idle noise is non-existent.

The standard ICE power engine you will find in our amplifiers offer state-of-the-art technology and are very hard to beat. The ICE power technology alone, as other companies use for their entire amplifier only accounts for 80% of the way our amps sound. Our input stage produces the additional 20% needed to produce the unique signature our amplifiers present.

Stating that the SX series amplifiers have little to no heat, incredible imaging, unbelievably low noise, dynamic bass, super wide sound stage and exceptionally low distortion doesn’t even come close to giving them justice.
The SX series amplifiers offer hi-fidelity sound at a fraction of the competitors price (at the least, half). We challenge our customers to find competing units at a better price. If one is found, whatever the price, we will meet it or beat it given that it is indeed a comparable product. To find an amplifier with this much potential and at an affordable price, hesitation shouldn’t even come to mind.


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