Introducing the ALL NEW µDAC-HD!

The µDAC-HD is a compact USB DAC that streams files up to 24/192kHz with outstanding clarity and detail. This unit opens the doors to high quality digital playback through any Hi-Fi system for just $499. We have created a simple to operate device so you can spend more time listening to music and less time thumbing through an operations manual. The W4S logo on the top of the chassis functions as a signal lock light to indicate when the device is recognized by your computer. Once this DAC is plugged into your computer you will have the option to power the unit through the USB connection or by the 9VDC power supply which we provide. Outputs consist of both RCA as well as a ¼” headphone output which are both active at all times. It’s that simple!
Many DACs in the marketplace have various limitations when streaming music over a USB connection. These limitations may include limited support for different operating systems, poor performance, or an inability to play high resolution files. We have ensured that the µDAC-HD is proficient in all of these areas without any sacrifices. Derived from the latest asynchronous XMOS design, the µDAC-HD is certified USB 2.0 High Speed as well as Audio Class 2.0 compliant. Consequently, a quick driver install for PC machines is required while it remains driverless for Mac (10.6.4 and above) as well as Linux systems. Incredibly low latency in conjunction with the asynchronous mode of communication and audio grade clocks renders an exceptionally high quality level of digital streaming. You will be able to stream those hot new 24 bit 192kHz files from HD Tracks without missing a beat!

In order to effectively convert the digital stream to an anolog source, we have called upon the Sabre DAC once again! This chip is based on the same platform as the award winning DAC-2. ESS’s patented Hyperstream™ and Time Domain Jitter Eliminator technology ensures that a jitter-free digital signal is supplying the conversion process. The sonic result is exceptionally natural and detailed. We have carefully tweaked the output levels of the Sabre to lower noise and distortion. Having the option to drive the RCA’s directly from the DAC chip would be too easy, we have decide to take it to another level. The STP-SE line-stage was a perfect fit for this task and has yielded improved dynamics and clarity.

The headphone amp is comprised of a discrete class A amp driver that has incredible detail and warmth. We set out to create a DAC that headphone enthusiasts can place on their desk taking up negligible space yet packing the power to drive any pair of headphones. The headphone stage comfortably drives headphones down to 16 ohms! To get top performance with low impedance headphones, you will need to use the supplied 9VDC supply. Because of the purely Class A implementation, the USB connection cannot be used as the power source as it lacks sufficient current. The HD will activate the class A headphone stage when both DC power is used and the headphones are plugged in. When the unit is in USB powered mode you can run headphones that have an impedance of 600 ohms or higher with exceptional performance.

We have combined a cutting edge USB DAC and a robust headphone amp in a chassis that will fit in the palm of your hand! Taking advantage of advances in technology and incredible engineering has allowed us to design this compact unit without making any major sacrifices in performance. The landscape of digital music is constantly growing and evolving! The µDAC-HD will refine your casual music sources, such as Pandora® and MOG, while feeling right at home with high-res files in critical listening sessions. With no more than a Netbook, the HD, and your favorite pair of headphones, you have a portable reference Hi-Fi system….Consider that!


  • State-of-the-art USB Technology
  • 24 bit 192 kHz Aynchronous USB Input
  • Optional USB or DC power
  • Class A Output Stage
  • Analog RCA Ouputs
  • Built-in Headphone amp
  • Signal Lock Light
  • Compact (3.5″ x 3.5″ x 1″)


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