Introducing the ALL NEW µLINK

USB to S/PDIF converter

The µLINK is the perfect match for your music server or computer streaming setup! It will seamlessly interface with your music source by converting your USB connection to a low jitter S/PDIF signal you DAC will benefit from. This unit is very easy to use, compact, and affordable. We have even included a W4S logo on the top of the unit that functions as a lock light to indicate when the device is recognized by your computer. You will have the option to power the unit through the USB connection or with the supplied 9VDC power supply. At 3.5”x 3.5” and less than 1” tall this piece is so compact that you can easily place it on top of your DAC. Understand that one connection does not fit all needs, we have included Coaxial, Toslink, and BNC digital outputs for you to choose from. The outputs are all galvanically isolated from the USB source to eliminate noise from degrading the performance of your system. Additionally, all three of these digital outputs are active and independently buffered so they can be used at the same time if desired.

Ultimately, you may be wondering how this nifty little unit can benefit you and your setup. In fact, this high performance converter may allow you to keep your current DAC for years to come! The reality is that many DACs in the marketplace have various limitations when streaming music over a USB connection. These limitations may include limited support for different operating systems, poor performance, or an inability to play high resolution files without down-converting. We have ensured that the µLINK is proficient in all of these areas without any sacrifices. It’s derived from the latest asynchronous XMOS design which is certified USB 2.0 High Speed and Audio Class 2.0 compliant. Consequently, a quick driver install for PC machines is required while it remains driverless for Mac (10.6.4 and above) as well as Linux systems. Incredibly low latency in conjunction with the asynchronous mode of communication and audio grade clocks renders an exceptionally high quality level of digital streaming. You will be able to stream those hot new 24 bit 192kHz files from HD Tracks without missing a beat!

If you are completely happy with your current DAC aside from the fact that it won’t support high resolution files or perhaps does not have a USB input at all, look no further than the Wyred 4 Sound µLINK!

µLINK Features

  • Asynchronous 24 bit 192kHz USB input
  • Driverless for Mac and Linux systems!
  • Compatible with Integer/Direct mode
  • Low jitter BNC, Toslink, and Coaxial outputs
  • Optional USB or DC power


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